Web Based Applications




Internet allows a low cost high quality global communication. Assertiva manages all the needs to communicate on-line: strategy, technology, organization and worldwide promotion.

When you need to communicate by IT, Assertiva makes easy not only the requirements definition but even the software coding, the technological implementation, the organizational change management and the training. Get the most from your investment.

an intranet allows the company resources sharing. It lets teams work easier, even if people of different departments are in different Countries.
It shows the organization the company rules and allows the company knowledge sharing letting the management reach the right organization awareness, even strategic, in less time.

an extranet allows the company expansion beyond its organizational borders.
It's a must for open companies because they are no more closed inside their own walls but more and more involved with partners, advisors, customers, suppliers, different sales channels.


Database to collect, manage, show the right information to the right people could be developed to suit all the company communication needs.

No matter where the people are, no matter when they connect, information will be available.


Games and sweepstakes allow the use of both interactivity and ludic contribution to better engage your customers.

Games: we create games.
Sweepstakes: we create sweepstakes, we take care of law and technical requirements.

...and we promote them worldwide

Assertiva offers a complete range of services: competitors online communication analysis, corporate web sites, on-line catalogs, interim web sites created to better support an event or the launch of a product or service..........We care about Brand and usability to let people easily reach information.

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