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A one-shot campaign is not as effective as the relationship that comes from periodical messages. Companies need an email marketing software able to manage newsletter, last minute but also financial, technical and regulations updates.
Vitesse CRM is a professional email marketing software, the tool with a CRM approach you need for your business.


Customers login their own password protected web area and subscribe the topics they are interested in.

1. Customers update their own preferences online
2. The Company shows data online
3. The Company collects data online

The work to keep the database updated will not burden your organization, Customers will update data.
Messages are engaging from graphic and design point of view and show links to your web site to gain more traffic.
Vitesse CRM lets you easily choose the groups to send messages to. The search is run every time and it's based on Customers' preferences and on other Company data: the target group is message based.


Email Marketing Software Features

Interactive: your customers select topics

Many languages: talk to customers in their own mother tongue

Import of company data: use them for more targeted messages

Import of company data: show users their own data

Collect customers data: for any other marketing plan

Separated from your web site: it's ready tu run.

The easy way to email marketing. Plus

Few easy steps lead you to run the service:

List your offers. Ask people to subscribe one or more topics to be updated

To communicate an update or news, just search and find all the interested people. Send the message

Assertiva servers deliver the service, maintenance is included in the monthly fee.

Vitesse CRM allows the collection and the use of customers preferences

Vitesse CRM allows an interactive email marketing approach.

Save post costs: Vitesse CRM sends e-mail.

Save people costs: users update preferences, not your people.

Improve your service: users will receive only messages they are interested in.

Boost sales: specific offers based on real users interests will boost your sales.

Improve relationship: Vitesse CRM increases the contact frequency and the interactivity.

Improve your international visibility: many languages are available.

Email Marketing Software Advanced Features

collect users data - use company data to find the right users - show company data to users
advanced features

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